FAQ's & Info


What can sizes work?

The MK16 Can Seamer is capable of seaming several sizes (see image above) of aluminum beverage cans common in the craft beverage industry.  As standard, the seamer comes with all the tooling required to seam 12oz and 16oz “standard” 202LOE cans.  These are the sizes most often used in the beverage industry.  Other sizes will require purchase of a separate lower chuck, and for the “sleek” cans, also a separate can guide, which is a rest used on the machine to help loading cans.  The 500ml and 19.2oz cans require the purchase of the MK19.2 Can Seamer.  Other sizes may be possible as well; please contact us for details.

How do I switch sizes?

Switching between different can sizes of the same diameter is fast and simple.  The lower chucks can be changed without tools in a few seconds.  For different can diameters, swapping the can guide takes less than a minute, and requires a 1/2in socket wrench.       

What brand cans work?

These can sizes are produced to similar specifications by various manufacturers, and we have had good success seaming cans from various manufacturers without re-adjustment.  If the machine does need slight adjustment, this is fairly simple, and explained in the Operation Manual.  

Important can type info!

“Standard” can sizes, and the “sleek” cans, are the type 202LOE.  That basically means that the end (top) size is a 202.  There are other end sizes out there, like 200, 206, etc, so make sure the cans you plan to use are the correct end diameter.  

The “standard” can body diameter, “211” comes standard with the machine, and the additional can guide allows seaming the “204” can body diameter.  Other diameter cans may be possible as well, please contact us for details.  

Important End (can top) type info!

There are two main types of “ends” (tops) in use in the craft beverage industry (see below); the “B64, and the “CDL”.  Oktober seamers come standard for the B64 profile ends.  An optional upper chuck is available if the can ends you plan to use are the CDL profile.  We also offer B64 ends separate from cans as an option if you have access to 202LOE cans, and prefer not purchasing the optional CDL upper chuck.  Contact us for more info if you would prefer a CDL upper chuck.