Mk16v2 Can Seamer - 3 Week Lead Time

Regular price $1,600.00

Can seamers currently have a three week lead time from date of purchase to shipment. 


The Mk16 can seamer is capable of seaming 12oz and 16oz aluminum cans.

Can ends used with the Mk16 must be B64 ends that meet the 202LOE industry standard. 

For custom color can seamer orders, a specific RAL color code will be required. RAL color codes can be found here. Once an order for a customer color is placed, a notification will be sent to Oktober LLC and we will contact you directly to discuss the color of your choice. Keep in mind that not all RAL colors may not be available for powder coating. A lead time of at least one week will be necessary, depending on the color chosen.

Dimensions: 22 x 15 x 9 inches

Weight: 44 pounds

Motor: 1/4 horsepower

120 V

60 Hz

5 Amps

Patent Pending